I’ve been reflecting on ways I can improve Sean Alexander Hair Studio for 2023.  With the ever worsening climate crisis I feel a responsibility to step up , lower our carbon footprint and strive to be a zero waste to landfill salon. Each year The hair industry alone produce enough waste to fill 50 football stadiums! 

With this in mind, I’m  proud to announce I Have  partnerd with the incredible Green Salon Collective, who are the original  green authority for salon sustainability throughout the UK and Ireland. They essentially “recycle the unrecylable” and really help Combat the waste issues we face as an industry. By joining with GSC, Sean Alexander Hair studio is now proud to be a ZERO waste to landfill salon.


All the hair the studio collects gets made into “hair booms”. These are put into the ocean and Osborb oil and chemical spills. They are also used by gardeners and farmers due to hair being rich in nitrogen which is great for composting .


All metal collected gets sterilised and cleaned. It then gets sold as a commodity to specialist partners who recycle it as you would normal aluminium. 100% of the profits are donated to charities like Haircuts4Homeless, Food Cycle and organisations like rewilders Mossy Earth.


We have introduced Eco heads to our basins which pressurise the water, resulting in 65% less water per client. We have also triple filter our drinking water to cut down on plastic bottle waste.


I’ve personally made sure myself that all our suppliers have strong brand values and green credentials.

Authentic Beauty Concept

- Recyclable and reusable packaging Made up of 80% RCP (Post consumer recycled plastic)
- Not tested on animals and 100% vegan friendly.
- Sustainable ingredients
- Commitments as a company to , become completely climate-positive by 2040

72 hair keratin treatments

vegan formula & cruelty free
- No sulphates , silicones or parabens
- 50% product consumer recycled packaging


-Saving 21,000 trees from being cut down by using recycled plastics in their packaging
-Preventing 17 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by creating non-toxic and sulphate-free formulas


LEAF are the world's first sustainable scissor, designed and hand made for sustainability conscious Hairdressers. They are proud to plant 10 trees for every scissor sold. They are on target for planting 1 million tree’s by 2025


All our recyclable waste will continue to be recycled by Elmbridge council.


Will be treated at eco plants to generate energy to power the national grid.


We’ve partnerd with SMOL to ensure all our cleaning and laundry products are as eco friendly as possible. This includes 100% plastic-free packaging for laundry capsules and refillable surface sprays. All their Products have been formulated with lower levels of added chemicals and are cruelty free. All Towels are washed on quick eco 15 minute washes.


All the main lights in the studio are now Energy efficient LED Lighting. There is also motion activated lighting leading Upto the studio. Our coffee is fair trade and organic, and all pods get cleaned out and recycled.

New Services

Now offering “Climate Cuts” for the environmentally conscious. A cut that uses zero energy. Spray, cut, spritz and go! (No wash, or finish that uses electrical tools) Also we’re now offering a shampoo and conditioner refill service. Bring your empty ABC bottle and we can refill it from the backwash at a cheaper price than buying a brand new one off the shelf .